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Download Hitman Absolution pc games full version for windows highly compressed setup.exe file single direct link. Absolution presents the players with a change towards a more action oriented genre.

About This Game

Starting off from the first Hitman series, it keeps getting better and better. Hitman Absolution is a big jump in the franchise of Agent 47 by Square Enix. Hitman Absolution is awesome game with nice Graphics, story and different missions. The game is very good with a great soundtrack, great design and great maps. Awesome storyline with many great locations and different capabilities. A good story with some great characters and humour. The game is also pretty simple and straight. The gameplay is a little bit different than previous Hitman titles. There is a lot of replayability here and contracts is an interesting take. The game is like a sandbox with objectives.


Hitman is a simple concept someone gives you a target, or targets, and you take them out. Absolution includes all of that stuff, and on the higher difficulty levels. There are a lot of ways to complete a mission. You want to go full on rambo through this stealth game. You can do to kill one man just like the king of chinatown and shaving lenny and a lot of missions. This is a fantastic game with tons of content and as much polish as possible.

Hitman Absolution is a great game. If you like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid I think you will enjoy this one. If you have never played a Hitman title before this could be nice to play. If you’re more into stealth and back stabing, you can play that way. If you are more into rampage and exploding everyone, you can do it. The game is great and if you loved the previous ones, you will probably enjoy this one.

Screenshots Gameplay

Hitman 5 Absolution PC Games
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Hitman 5 Absolution Games for windows

System Requirements

  • OS: Microsof Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Processor: True dual core CPU (Intel, AMD)
  • Hard Drive Space: 24GB
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video Card: NV8600 512 Mb RAM, or AMD equivalent
  • DirectX┬«: 10

Password: www.alfygame.com

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