Penumbra Black Plague Free Download Full Version Game

Download Penumbra Black Plague latest version pc games setup.exe file direct link for windows. Black Plague is psychological themes and horror survival combined with interesting and captivating puzzles.

About This Game

Penumbra Black Plague is the best horror game from penumbra requiem collection by Frictional Games. This game is the second installment of the Penumbra series of episodic for pc windows. Like Penumbra Overture, this is an incredible game, it’s got fun, innovative gameplay, great writing, entertaining for horror fans. The game puzzles are clever like the original, the story is amazing, and it is very scary for Overture lovers. Another good aspect are the several puzzles that keep you busy. As far as the adventure game genre goes, i think that this was the best Penumbra yet in terms of gameplay and story.

Penumbra Black Plague Free Download

Black Plague is an awesome story with an interesting horror experience like Amnesia. The second sequel to Penumbra Overture where the story continues, everything is pretty much the same as the previous game. The experience in this game was terrifying and yet so fun at the same time and you can get frustratingly. In this game, you will be entertained without resorting to the boring, without repetitive combat we usually associate with survival horror. In the game, you must also play an important role in his decision of pursuing the mysteries.

Black Plague goes even scarier and a bigger experience. In the game there are definitely some truly scary moments in Penumbra Black Plague. It’s a good game that is unique, refreshing, and fun to play. Anyone who enjoyed with Penumbra Overture has no reason to not enjoy this one. I like the Penumbra series a lot because the atmosphere in the first two games is always haunting and scary. I really recommend this game to everyone, it’s a masterpiece.

Screenshots Gameplay

Penumbra Black Plague Free Download PC Games
Penumbra Black Plague PC Games Gameplay
Penumbra Black Plague PC Games Gameplay

System Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Processor: Pentium 3.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 256MB (XP)
  • Graphics: Radeon 8500 / Geforce 3 (MX4 Not supported)
  • Hard Drive: 800MB Free Space
  • Sound: Soundblaster compatible