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Fighting game PC popularity is back, guys. After an extended lull, people who want to get out of his/her steam can try this kind of game again. This kind of game is truly return! Right now, you can’t only enjoy this type of games in PlayStation console online. As its name, this game can be played in the Windows PC platform. Even now, believe it or not, the platform has been recognized as the dojo of many great types of fighting games. As a virtual fighter, it would make your hand to be full of anticipation, right?

Fighting Games PC Download

Of course, for its return, it would be good for you to play a fighting game which has a big popularity. Gotta make your aspiration back, right? A bad fighting game will probably make you lost interest. Because of that, here’s some example of fighting games that you can try, first.

Divekick is one of the best fighting games PC which has been released. This game is owned by the popular, Iron Galaxy Studios. This game has a big popularity as the most hipster game that has been created in the world of fighting games. There are so many indie scenes with the company of full fighting action in merciless way. This game also accompanied with the story that make the player to be able to associate in the die-hard community. The community also demand the player to be able in understanding all their reference and the inside jokes. But overall, you’ll find this game to be utterly exciting as you don’t always have to meet the common one-on-one fight.

The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate
This fighting game for PC can be said as one of the best fighting games that has been created until now. It is not a surprise if you find so many series of this game. The developer always returned and re-released this game over and over because of that. Let’s see, different from any ind of fighting games, The King of Fighters ’98 game will surprise you with its rolls, hops, even blow-back attacks. Its meter-filling advance is staged perfectly with the companion of many extra modes. There are also many additions of characters which make the games more exciting than even. Not to forget, this game also allow you to battle with other people around the world if you can connect it online. Happy trying this fighting game PC!

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