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The best horror games pc 2016 for windows 7

Horror games PC may become one of the most searched games, right now. The popularity of this game is increasing more and more. Maybe, it is due to the growing like of many people of thrilling and adventurous things. If you are one of them, then what kind of horror games that you like to play? If you don’t have any, then maybe it is the best time to introduce you to the best horror games that you can play in your PC. Don’t worry, this game will be full of terror that will make you jump scared. There will be many supernatural actions that can’t be explained by logic, which will become the things that can leave your mind when you go to sleep. Want to try? Here they are!

Horror Games PC Free Download

System Shock 2
If you know about BioShock and get scared by it, then it would be good if you don’t try to play this horror game PC. This System Shock 2 is coming with scarier game plots that the BioShock that you’ve already tried. It is a freaky combination of a role-playing game with a first-person-shooter genre. The story is about a rouge Al which is done an adventure in a haunted spaceship. In his adventure, there are so many murderous artificial consciousness all the way. Horrifying enemies will come in every place and scares you from any kind of terror. But, if you have the heart in playing this game, you’ll find that this game is truly rewarding. All the exploration is totally worth it. Truly, it would be a memorable experience for you.

Maybe, the name of this game already told you about it. It is Imscared from “I’m scared”. As its name, this game can be said as the most unsettling game right now. This game also can’t be defeated easily. All terrors in this game lies in the place that you’ll never expect. All surprises in this game is totally terrifying. For your information, this game is borrowing the concept of 90’s horror games and making it scarier. It keeps you to be curious all the way, but you will be jumping from your seat in the end. If you are gamer with a big heart, be my guess and just give it a try. Hopefully, you can complete this horror game PC.

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