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Today’s game for PC is made so it has really high quality graphic. We can say the graphic, game play and other aspect is very close to reality. Of course, to play these kinds of game, you will need PC with high specification. But, if you just want to have fun, there are also many different mini games pc that doesn’t need high spec PC. Indeed, the graphic quality can’t be compared with those heavy games. But, if it’s about having fun, these mini games won’t be beaten by those heavy games. So, what kind of mini games you can play?

Mini Games PC Free Download

There are many different series of this game. However, the game play and graphic isn’t too much different. It also doesn’t need really high spec PC to play it. The game play is basically matching the gem, until it run out or you fulfill your mission. It’s simple game play. But, once you play and get used to it, you will be hooked by it for hours. This is also the reason why this game becomes so much popular.

Metal Slug 3
One word for this game is beautiful. This mini games pc is also the solid proof that, an interesting game doesn’t need rely too much on high quality graphic. What you need is detail, beautiful artwork and interesting game play, and you can get them all on Metal Slug 3. The game is using 2D platformer type game play, with lot of interesting and challenging enemy and boss. Basically, you need to kill these enemies and move further forward.

Stardew Valley
This is interesting mini games you can play at your PC. Basically, you will play character that just inherited farm from your family. Your task is managing and changing that farm into bigger and prospective farm. You can do many things on this game, from plating many different plants, raise animal and even adventuring in the dungeon. More than that, you also have chance to make friend and even marry other character in the game. Basically, there are many things you can do here. The RPG element on this game also makes it more interesting to play. With RPG element, you need to level up your character, farm and tool, so, you can discover many secrets and unlock many areas to explore. And, the graphic is also quite simple. It’s all 2D. But, it is still really interesting mini games pc to play.

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