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Many gamers think that PC gaming is now on a download spiral because it seems like gamers choose console gaming these days, with the upward trend of console gaming, the market seems to get on with the buzz which results in a decline in number of pc games. However, that cannot be further from the truth! Whether you are aware of it or not, there are still a plethora of PC games that are available out there.

Any gamers know, as good as console gaming is, a PC version of a game undeniably has better graphics compared to the console version. With higher screen resolutions, the PC version effortlessly produces incredibly crisp details which makes the graphic look much better. Another thing worth noting is that the precision as well as movement in PC games is generally better than that of console’s joypad – making the gaming experience much more realistic.

The best of all? There are a wide range of PC games that are available for free out there. I am sure by now you are ready to put down your consoles and revisit the old times with PC gaming. Need new PC games and eager to find a few links to download game pc? You have come the right place because below is a list of great rated PC game recommendations that you can download the full version for free!

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