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Realistic racing games pc in 2016

Racing games PC is on fire, right now. Even though this kind of game has been there for a long time, people still love this game dearly. Even right now, you can’t question its popularity. Believe it or not, it’s still high as it ever been.

Maybe, it is due to the beauty of this racing game. Know about this, a racing game isn’t only about the best looking car and the fastest car ride. It is about the graphic look of the overall game, the hair-raising sound, and the excitement that you can feel in playing it. Some games also offer a realistic experience in using the car that you want. You probably tempted to try that, right? Let’s see what are they, there!

Racing Games For PC Free Download

Dirt Rally
Dirt Rally has been known as a racing games PC which has been owned by Codemaster. Releasing the newest installment in 2016, Dirt Rally can be said as the best game that has been made by Codemasters over the years. This game has surpassed Dirt 3, its predecessor, proudly. This racing game can be said as the most proper rally game. You’ll probably never seen this type of racing game, before. The race is happened to be done on a dirt tracks with many sideways driving that will make you excited. There’s also an endurance racing which will tell how good you are in a rally.

Need for Most Wanted
NFS:Most Wanted 2012 is one type of racing game which can maintain the perfect balance of realism and the possible access of it in a game. In this game, the car handle is designed in menacing way, but still capable in doing a cool thing that you want to try. Not only that, this game is also coming with a realistic action when you do something with the right hand corner in gentle manner. The avatar of your will likely to suit your action, too, as if you are driving in a real world. This action is also happened when you are doing a sharper corner. Truly, if you are a true racing gamer, this is a game that you have to try. You’ll accomplish many things which is worth your time. Getting this game done will be a great achievement for you. Truly, it would be a good memory in playing this racing games PC.

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