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Shooting games PC is still rare, right now. So, it is not a wonder that you would get nothing when you are searching the most interesting shooting game in PC. Truly, it can be said as uneasy task. Many first-person shooting (FPS) game is usually comes with other genres. Some of them is coming with horror genre, which probably doesn’t well-liked by so many people. But, actually searching the pure FPS games aren’t impossible. Until now, there has been many great FPS game if you can search it well. Here’s some of them.

Shooting Games For PC Free Download

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 is one of the types of FPS game which has been released in 2016. Even though this game is released in a not-so-good time, sandwiched between the release of the new Call of Duty and the new Battlefield game, you can’t question the quality of this game. Titanfall 2 doesn’t like to be like other first person shooter game. As a second installment of the Titanfall series, this game has brought the perfect built from the first installment. There has been a good balance in its multi-player mode. Of course, you can’t ask about its single-player mode, as it is nearly close to perfection.

This game also one of the shooting games PC that has been released in 2016. You really can’t leave out this game. The story of this game will follow the adventure of Doom in defeating many horrendous monster that has been in his way. With this new installment, you can’t remember Doom as an old game which full of fresh paint of a coat. Right now, with the addition of the modern graphic and the exciting story, you can’t never underestimate this game. But, of course, it would be good if you brace your heart, first, before playing this game. You’ll never meet any enemies in a good condition. Most of them is coming at you in their hideous look.

Counter Strike Global Offensive
This new face of Counter-Strike will get your blood pumping for more. This game is coming with its modern ways of playing with the company of modern and sophisticated looks. You’ll never have to be confused in running over and over just to understand the hard-to-understand ancient maps. You’ll also get a new experience as this game will let you to have a slight romance action. There is an automatic matchmaking in this shooting games PC.

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